SG Series Salt & Mineral Water Chlorinators
  • SG Series Salt & Mineral Water Chlorinators

SG Series Salt & Mineral Water Chlorinators

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The SG Mineral is a fully-timed control unit specially configured
to safely sanitise mineral pools, which are becoming increasingly

popular with pool owners seeking the health benefits of minerals.

The SG Mineral comes in the larger 30g/hr size and with optional

automatic pH control as standard - essential to maintain the

correct balance of a mineral salt pool.

The minerals are generally present as chloride salts, which can be

converted to free chlorine by an electrolytic cell. The free chlorine

sanitises the pool, and reverts to the mineral salt once its work is


Reverse-polarity (self-cleaning) cells
Proudly manufactured in Australia
SG Series Mineral systems are covered by a full 3 year
Manufacturer’s warranty

Size: 20g
Options: with timer
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