Ozone XLM low level chlorinators
  • Ozone XLM low level chlorinators

Ozone XLM low level chlorinators

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The Ozone XLM introduces the power of Ozone to Pool Controls’ range of innovative mineral water chlorinators.

These systems are designed to be most effective at extra low concentrations of salt or mineral – reducing initial setup and ongoing maintenance costs. Ozone XLM units also integrate pH control and come in a variety of output sizes to suit a wide range of pools – 12g/hr, 18g/hr, 23g/hr and 28g/hr.

Size: 12g
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How it works?

  1. Ozone is the frontline of defence
    against bacteria and other
    pathogens in the water. Ozone is
    a powerful sanitiser and leaves
    no trace in the pool water after
  2. The XLM chlorinator provides a safe
    residual disinfectant at extra low
    concentrations of mineral salts.
    The XLM chlorinator has a specially
    engineered electrolytic cell that runs
    at extra-low TDS (900ppm).
  3. pH control enhances the
    effectiveness of the sanitiser by
    maintaining the pH of the water in
    the correct range. The algorithmic
    pH doser is incorporated into the
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