Meet the specialist behind AXIOVE

Our Butler warehouse is open Mon to Fri 9am to 5pm

The store is open between the hours above, however sometimes you might find that I am on the road. The phone number diverts to my mobile number and I always answer the phone. If I don't, I am either in traffic or assisting a customer. I will always phone back so please send an sms or leave a short message.

The business is a family owned business with my wife and children sometimes assisting and you will always see their smiling faces at the store from time to time.

The name AXIOVE

I found myself unemployed in 2015 and at a crossroad, which can also be two axis crossing, the name AXIOVE was born.

I am extremely passionate about technical support, I have extensive training, experience and knowledge on the subjects of Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic Engineering and IT technology. I specialize in these fields and are always keen to share my knowledge with my customers.

Pool chemicals and controlling water balance is simply an extension of my engineering knowledge and why I enjoy working in the industry.

If you can't get in touch with me via phone you can always send me an email at

The services I offer

Professional installation and technical support

With every sale of equipment I offer installation of the equipment, but before this I discuss with every customer why they are replacing the component to give them the very best outcome and find the root cause of the failure of the equipment in the first place.

Once the equipment is installed I make sure it is commissioned correctly and functioning at optimal levels. I will personally follow up with you to check if the equipment is still performing correctly in the future weeks after installation.


I deliver equipment personally on most sales and most times at no charge. If I cannot manage delivery I use AUSPOST or Toll to assist.

Pool water testing

This service I offer at no charge. The equipment I use is a photometer which is calibrated monthly so that we don't get any funny readings and giving you the wrong information. The information is fed into chemical analysis software which then gives us a neat and tidy report of your water balance and if any chemicals are required.

The system is very accurate but even so I still analyse the results, because it is still just a machine and it cannot be 100% correct.

This is done so that unnecessary chemicals are not added to the pool and putting you out of pocket.

I carry a large range of chemicals with an easy to use numbering system.

Email Johann to learn more about the whole range currently available.