Pool cleaning and balancing per service
  • Pool cleaning and balancing per service

Pool cleaning and balancing per service

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Pool cleaning service. Are you a pool owner in need of someone to keep your pool water sparkling clear.
We offer regular or once off services, in house water testing, balancing, chemicals, pool equipment, technical support, pumps, filters, chlorinators.
If you would like DIY support we offer coaching as well.
Specialist knowledge and support backed by industry leaders.
If you would like to subscribe this monthly please visit http://poolservice.axiove.com.au/#pricing


period: once-off

Our various option are setup to allow pool owners to save in the long run. Keeping your pool clean throughout the year will actually save you money.

The price structure works on a sliding scale, thus the longer period you sign up for the more money you will save per service.

Once -off service $90 excl GST per service

3 months            $80 excl GST per service

6 months            $75 excl GST per service

12 months          $70 excl GST per service

Services are done per month.

If you initially sign up for a longer period and decide to cancel before the end of your initial agreed period the cost will revert pro rata to the lessor period at the higher amount and the outstanding amount will become due.

Please also note that the services does not include chemicals or other maintenance charges, such as technical service support for faulty pumps, chlorinators and so forth. 

The service includes the following

- clean skimmer baskets (pump & pool)

- remove floating debris

- scrub sides of pool

- backwash filter in case of media filter

- rinse cartridge filter with garden hose in case of cartridge filter ( cartridge elements should be replaced every 12months )

- light vacuum of pool floor (where there is a lot of debris, this service does not include heavy vacuuming)

- balancing of water

You will have no need to keep track of the pool services as our system will automatically do this for you and notify you when we will come and service your pool. All pool data and water balancing history is stored on our secure server for a convenient way to keep track of data. 

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